Think of Competitive Edge as the reliable partner that acts as an extension of your own internal team.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Suzy da Silva, CEO

Suzy has over 20 years of experience in both direct response and traditional media. Suzy has been responsible for building brands from the ground up with media campaigns that drive direct sales and brand awareness. She has been overseeing media agencies for the past 14 years. Suzy's experience spans multiple industries including fitness, packaged goods, kitchen products, technology, and sports marketing. She believes that every media plan should be designed and executed as if that product or service is her own.

Kathy Mitchell, CMO

Kathy brings 30 years of advertising, marketing and branding expertise to the CEMM team. Well versed in traditional and digital solutions, Kathy has spent her career in global agencies, small boutique shops, and also had her own agency for ten years. Kathy's experience covers multiple industries and a full range of marketing disciplines. At CEMM, Kathy is responsible for marketing strategy, planning and client relationships.

Roxy Rini, VP Media Operations

Roxy has been on the client service and buying side of the media business for over 15 years. She has run countless media campaigns, smoothly managing all details from initial research, to execution, to back end invoicing, and reporting and analysis. Roxy excels in her positive and productive relationships with media partners, outlets and vendors, which ultimately translates to successful campaign execution for our clients.