Competitive Edge Media and Marketing is a full service agency
focused on sales driving media planning and placement, and strategic marketing planning.

Our Services

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Marketing Planning

Based on growing needs from our existing clients and an expanded team, Competitive Edge now offers strategic marketing consulting and planning services. We complement our already successful work in media planning and placement with a full range of marketing related capabilities to help you achieve your business goals:

  • Target and category analysis
  • Strategic planning and positioning
  • Product ideation and development
  • Annual marketing planning
  • Brand promotional planning
  • Campaign and program ideation
Media Planning and Placement

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the media industry and we know that while our clients range from small entrepreneurial ventures to large corporations, they have one thing in common – the desire for bottom line financial success and accountability. Simply put, RESULTS MATTER.

With roots in Direct Response, the team at Competitive Edge understands the importance of creating media plans that effectively support the brand AND generate the desired consumer response to drive sales.

And over the years Competitive Edge has created powerful relationships across all advertising outlets both locally and nationally. We use those relationships along with our deep experience and the one million + records in our database to design the best media plans at the best rates to meet our client's needs and budgets.

Our campaigns are completely customized – no cookie cutter approaches or formulaic strategies – every client situation receives our full attention and best thinking.

Research and Analysis

Competitive Edge uses multiple primary and secondary research tools to develop a full picture of each client’s unique situation so that a customized, strategic plan can be developed. These tools allow us to research the business category, competitors, target audience segments and their media habits. Our comprehensive approach allows us to build out plans that are designed with success and results in mind.

On the back end, we know that the most important part of running a successful media campaign is to understand what’s working and what’s not. Our tracking software allows us to report revenue and/or response based on unique codes tied to your creative. These tools give us real time results that allow us to optimize plans and maximize results for our clients.

Campaign Management, Execution and Agency Support

Some clients come to Competitive Edge with a very specific need, such as execution of a single media placement. However, many clients need a more comprehensive partnership that utilizes our broad based, hands on experience to manage multiple campaigns and act as valuable support to internal client teams.

From an execution standpoint, Competitive Edge knows that the secret to our client's success is often found in the tight management of the details – vendor management for example, or product fulfillment. We have the experience and contacts to assist our clients with vendor selection, but more importantly, we have the knowledge to ensure that all campaign activities and details are flowing seamlessly from one party to the next.

And, if you are a creative agency or production house that is doing brilliant work, but does not have media planning partners, Competitive Edge offers the perfect solution. Working seamlessly and collaboratively, our team provides media planning and placement services for your clients under a shared revenue model. It’s a win-win.