Deep and robust expertise in all aspects of media marketing, housed in a boutique agency environment, and sharply focused on results for our clients.

Competitive Edge offers services adaptable to your needs.

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Campaign Planning

Competitive Edge offers strategic communication planning services, focused on delivering the most relevant message at the most impactful time and place.  

We engage in a full range of planning capabilities to help you achieve your business goals:

  • Target and category analysis
  • Strategic planning and positioning
  • Persona definition and strategic targeting
  • Product ideation and development
  • Annual marketing planning
  • Brand promotional planning campaign and program ideation

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Media Planning & Buying

Competitive Edge starts every media plan with competitive and demographic research. Our team understands the importance of creating media plans that elevate your brand and generate the desired consumer response, while driving awareness.

After our initial research is complete, we determine the best channels for the message, review with you to gain approval and then move to execute on the strategy. Our campaigns are completely customized – no cookie cutter approaches or formulaic strategies – every client situation receives our full attention and best thinking.

For the past 16 years, Competitive Edge has created strong relationships across advertising outlets both locally and nationally, in traditional and direct response media. We consider negotiating the best rates and most efficient campaigns for any type of media to be mandatory. Our systems are designed to track every single buy so we can easily audit campaigns and get credits when applicable.

graphic of a circle with the words build, test, and apply


Our digital strategy philosophy is based on four powerful and proven pillars:

Build | Test | Apply | Repeat

We develop successful digital programs on top of this foundation, layering channel strategies with a holistic vision of the entire effort, measuring key performance indicators (KPI’s) the entire way, and ensuring your goals are met. By using scalable and repeatable methods, we drive exceptional awareness and brand loyalty across digital channels in the most cost-effective ways possible.



We believe the most successful social campaigns are born out of smart planning with on-target messaging, excellent creative and execution, and a heavy dose of the intangible – inspiration. Our experience in running social campaigns has led to increased awareness for our customers, and at the end of the day, increased sales.



Immersing your existing and potential customers in a fun and engaging experience is one of the best ways to create loyalty, generate brand awareness, and uplift sales. Competitive Edge has been the trusted partner to many of our clients in developing and executing an on-message campaign that gets results.

picture of a computer with charts on the screen

Analytics & Reporting

Competitive Edge uses multiple research tools to develop a full picture of each client’s unique situation so that the strategic plan can be developed and measured. These tools allow us to research the business category, competitors, target audience segments and their media habits.

We know that the most important part of running a successful media campaign is to understand what’s working and what’s not. Our tracking software allows us to report revenue and/or response based on unique codes tied to your creative. These tools allow us to optimize plans and maximize results for our clients, in real time.