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Yelp Case Study

In mid-2015, Yelp sought to understand the impact of various media channels on key business metrics. Competitive Edge played a critical role in the planning process, and we successfully executed the media buys, which included local TV, online video, and radio. Based on the learnings from the test, Yelp was able to identify the most effective channels to scale broadly in late 2015.

GolfLogix Case Study

We developed an aggressive campaign to generate awareness of the new golf GPS app, targeting golfers via the Golf Channel and proprietary databases, and leveraging a direct response approach to gain efficiency. Golf Logix stole share from key competitors such as Garmin and Sky Caddie, becoming the #1 selling GPS app with over a million members in just one year.

Zero Water Case Study

We developed a comprehensive plan to help Zero Water gain awareness for its filtering system components. Based on research and demographics, Target was selected as the ideal retail partner, and in combination with a variety of testing scenarios – both creative and media levels/types – we executed an effort in key markets to drive trial. The test program was an immediate success, with Target selling out of product in two weeks. A national roll out and full media campaign followed, keeping the momentum going.

Spot GPS Case Study

Spot Satellite Messenger was looking to increase annual subscriptions – but Spot is a complex product and needed appropriate communication to convey its many benefits. Short form commercials touting Spot’s ability to enable communications, track real-time trip progress using Google Maps, and provide one touch 911 alerts were not doing the trick.

The Competitive Edge team determined that if existing assets could be converted into long form units they would be more effective. We also determined that a wider net needed to be cast to increase the reach and impact of the message with prospects. Targeted sponsorships opportunities and a combination of short and long form creative units drove online visits and retail traffic. Within the first month, the new campaign broke activation records by over 40%.

By rethinking its approach to marketing and media, without a lot of extra spend, Spot realized immediate success that elevated the brand and drove activations and sales.